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Tour Australia’s most idyllic and scenic places and camp in 5-star opulence with Supreme’s range of luxury caravans for sale.


Up To 3 Up To 3
Semi off-road Semi off-road
Toilet Toilet
Shower Shower
Laundry Laundry

The Supreme Executive is a luxury caravan that delivers sophisticated and stylish recreational living quarters and the flexibility to travel over most terrains. The interior can be customised to suit your lifestyle and aesthetics and includes high-end modern amenities and finishes to bring all the comforts of home with you when you’re on the road.


Up To 3 Up To 3
Semi off-road Semi off-road
Toilet Toilet
Shower Shower
Laundry Laundry
22ft layouts 22ft layouts
Slide-out* Slide-out*

For a truly luxurious camper, it is hard to go past the expert craftsmanship, stunning finishes and innovative technology of Supreme's premium Spirit Caravan. Designed for touring Australia in unmatched class and comfort, once you take your Spirit on the road, you may never want to return.

Spirit Tiny Home

Touring Touring
Up to 7 Up to 7
Toilet Toilet
Shower Shower
Laundry Laundry

The Spirit Tiny Home is BIG in size and features to provide the ultimate base for a family of up to seven. The spacious 30 and 32 foot layouts allow for a home office, bunk beds and even recliners!

The humble camper has come a long way; today's modern luxury caravans look more like a 5-star hotel suite than a recreational vehicle, and Supreme's are no exception.

Supreme has spent decades refining our luxury touring caravans using direct feedback from our customers to combine decadent comfort and exceptional convenience into our range of new luxury caravans for sale.

As one of Australia's most affordable luxury caravan brands, Supreme takes great pride in every caravan we manufacture to provide you with a personalised home away from home.

All of our new luxury caravans in Australia are built to last, ensuring that you can travel in style anywhere the road takes you. A reinforced chassis, robust aluminium cladding, and a Meranti timber frame are among the features that make Supreme caravans as tough as they are classy.

Supreme luxury caravans are fitted with high-quality appliances and other features guaranteed to help make your camping experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. These include a slide-out BBQ, double door refrigerator, second external shower, microwave, moulded internal shower, porcelain sink and toilet, queen size mattress, reverse cycle air conditioning and even a washing machine.

Our Spirit, Spirit Tiny Home and Executive luxury touring caravans are available in various layouts to meet your needs – our Spirit even has a signature slider layout making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a luxury caravan in Australia.

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, you can find a great deal on luxury caravan at one of our dealers.


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Are your luxury caravans suitable for travelling with children?

If you are looking for a stylish modern luxury family caravan you've come to the right luxury caravan manufacturer.

Both the Executive and Spirit caravan models featured on this page have a range of interior floorplan designs to choose from that allow for a variety of sleeping configurations, including bunk beds and a range of other family-friendly features.

Supreme have cleverly designed our luxury caravan bathrooms to make maximum use of minimal space without skimping on the quality of the amenities.

Your new Supreme luxury caravan comes with a ceramic swivelling toilet, ceramic ensuite basin, one-piece moulded shower and extra-large 28lt stainless steel gas/electric H.W.S, with in-cabin ignition for both gas and electric operation.

What is included as standard in your luxury caravan kitchen?

Our smart design compact caravan kitchen is well appointed with high-end small-living full sized appliances to let you camp cook with all the convenience of home.

Your Supreme luxury caravan has a fully integrated internal kitchen with drawers, sink, 23lt microwave, 188lt double door fridge, flush-mounted vented rangehood and a full oven with grill and 3 gas / 1 electric cooktop with a Laminex cover to maximise bench space when not in use.

What size vehicle can tow a luxury caravan?

When buying a caravan, the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle (as specified by the manufacturer) will be critical. To make sure you have the correct towing capacity rating, see your vehicle's owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. It's worth noting, that automatic or manual transmission and petrol or diesel versions of vehicle model often have different capacities.

You'll also need to figure out what your vehicle's maximum towball download is, as this will narrow down your caravan options. The lowest capacity item in the towing configuration, such as the towbar, towball, or towing vehicle, ultimately limits the maximum towing capacity of any vehicle. Towballs are required to have a stamped rating that must not be exceeded. Overall capacity and download capacity are plated on towbars, and neither must be exceeded.

For example, your vehicle may be legally capable of towing up to 2100kg, but it may only be equipped with a towbar rated at 1200kg. In that instance, the weight restriction is 1200kg. Look for a plate or label affixed to the towbar that states the manufacturer's name and the towbar's maximum capacity. Check the maximum permissible Gross Combined Mass (GCM) - the maximum weight of the car and van, with all their contents in the owner's manual. To make sure this GCM amount isn't surpassed, add the vehicle's total recommended mass (GVM) to the potential caravan's Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

Finally, when it comes to towing capacity regulations check the rear axle load for your vehicle in the owner's manual. If you are towing a caravan and also fill your vehicle's cargo space with heavy stuff, you risk overloading the back axle, this can be dangerous and is against the law.

The smaller the caravan the greater the potential pool of towing vehicles will be available to you, generally family caravans and large luxury caravans tend to be larger and therefore greater consideration will need to be given to choosing the right towing vehicle.

Four-cylinder automobiles with 2L engines or more are usually only capable of towing trailers weighing 1000kg to 1200kg provided the manufacturers vehicle and towbar ratings are sufficient.

Some six-cylinder and V8 sedans and wagons can pull lightweight single-axle caravans and campers weighing up to 1700kg comfortably.

Many medium to large SUVS and 4WDs are capable of towing trailers weighing up to 2500kg before becoming overburdened.

For the real heavyweights needing to tow three tonnes or more, there are fewer vehicles available — Ford F250s and LandCruisers excel here.

Just remember, when preparing to tow a luxury caravan on holiday, visit your nearest weighbridge to check its laden weight with full water tanks, and all your packed gear to ensure it doesn't exceed your vehicle's towing capability.

Where can I view or buy a luxury caravan built by Supreme?

Supreme offers our premium luxury caravans for sale through our long-established and dependable dealership partners.

You can view new and used Supreme luxury caravans Australia-wide in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

You can talk to our dealers about trading in your pre-loved caravan for a Supreme or get advice on the many interior layout configurations available to customise your luxury caravan to suit your needs.

Click here to find your nearest Supreme luxury caravan dealership.

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