Got a question about one of our caravans? Chances are you’re not the first! Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we're asked. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch, we're more than happy to help.

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What size generator will I need?

We recommend a Honda 2KVA. 2000 watt minimum output is recommended

Do I need 2 x spare wheels?

Obviously, being prepared for any situation is best and we cannot predict how many flat tyres or punctures an individual may encounter. As there is no power to the wheels (unlike a car), one spare is generally enough to get you safely to where you need to go and out of any sticky situation.

Will my fridge run on 12V?

Yes and no. The fridge will run on gas, for example if you are free camping. If 240v is not available, then you need to use gas. The 12v setting is for travelling, as the vehicle generally supplies power to the fridge ensuring your contents is still cold when you get to your destination. 12v will help to maintain a cool temperature, but will not cool the fridge.

How often should I have my van serviced and where do I take it?

First service is 1,500km or 3 months. Then every 10,000kms or 6 months You can take your caravan for its service to any certified caravan repair centre in Australia. Please contact warranty for a list of servicing centres.

What does the fridge fan do?

At Supreme, we run one vent down low behind the fridge and a 100mm duct connects to the other vent on the roof (as opposed to installing two vents at the back of the fridge). Hot air rises naturally, so the fan helps to move the air away from the fridge and provide better operation.

How long will my battery & Solar last while free camping?

Approximately three days with minimal 12V use

How big is my hot water system?


What does the grey Anderson plug on the caravan do?

Charges the battery while driving

Will my water tanks fill while connected to mains pressure?

No, water tanks can only be filled through the water fillers

How tight should my wheel nuts be?

130NM torque and checked regularly.

What runs off the battery?
Lights, stereo, TV, water pump & ignitor.


How much weight can be put on the rear bumper bar?

5 arm – 150kg

4 arm – 120kg

3 arm – 80kg

1 arm – Spare wheel tire only

What is the warranty on a new caravan?

5 year Chassis warranty, 3 year Structural warranty and warranty on appliances determined by the manufacturer of the appliance. 

How long does it take for my van to be built?

This will depend on our suppliers and the size of your caravan. After you have signed off on your plans and specifications, along with your Authority to Commence Production form, you will be sent a final ‘Production Plan’ for your confirmation and also an approximate delivery timeframe. Once your caravan enters the production line, we will notify you with a more accurate date of arrival.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Please submit a warranty form. You will be contacted by the customer service team closest to your location.

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