Caravan Types

Caravan Types

Small Caravans

Light, compact and easy to tow, Supreme's small caravan models are perfect for couples and solo travellers. The efficient design and judicious use of internal space mean you don't need to sacrifice your creature comforts when camping. Small caravans are cost-effective and easier to store in the off-season than full-size models.

Family Caravans

Taking a family caravan trip to some of Australia's most iconic destinations is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and will create lifelong memories. Supreme family caravan models provide comfortable sleeping, ample storage and all the amenities to keep your tribe happy little campers.

Luxury Caravans

Imagine relaxing by a billabong, hundreds of kilometres from civilisation, with all the material comforts of home at the ready. Supreme luxury caravan models combine high-end fixtures and fittings with modern compact and efficient designs to turn your camping holidays into 5-star adventures.


If you don't like being restricted to caravan parks and gravel roads and yearn to venture off the beaten path, a Supreme off-road caravan can take you places a road-based caravan can only dream of. Find your new favourite fishing hole, embark on a prospecting adventure in search of gold or just escape to a quiet spot in nature.

Bunk Caravans

A Supreme bunk caravan provides ample space for the entire family without sacrificing comfort. Bunk-equipped caravan layouts are meticulously designed to provide additional sleeping places, greater privacy, plenty of storage and space for amenities so you can camp together without feeling cramped.

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