How to secure your Caravan against theft

Regardless of whether you are on holidays or at home, your caravan could be subjected to theft if you do not take the proper security precautions. Besides insuring your caravan, there are plenty of other measures that you can take to prevent it from being stolen or broken into, right under your nose:


Coupling or hitch locks are also a great visual deterrent. They function similar to wheel clamps in that they physically prevent a thief from hooking up your caravan to their vehicle.


Door and window locks would have to be the most common sense item you can have in your caravan to prevent it from being broken into or stolen, but many people simply neglect to engage the locks when the van is empty.


Electronic alarms cannot actually stop a thief from breaking into your caravan or trying to take it away, but the piercing noise it emits when triggered is usually enough to scare the offender off.


GPS tracking does not really function as a deterrent, but it can help the police to recover your caravan should it ever be stolen. For a visual deterrent, you can attach the accompanying sticker to your van, informing would-be thieves that there is a tracking device fitted.


Wheel clamps are great, as they provide a visual deterrence to would-be thieves as well as preventing them from towing the caravan away.

By fitting at least one of these security precautions in your caravan, you are taking a big step towards ensuring that it is safe at all times. You have to remember, however, to engage the security device whenever you leave the caravan to ensure that it actually works as a deterrent.